Sunday 18 December 2011

Long overdue!

Well I hadn't forgotten about my blog but I moved QTH in September and have been busy. The new house is much older (built around 1920s) and one advantage is I have a garden that is just over 20 metres long. Another advantage is although I still live in the same village as before the new location is a little higher up so is better for VHF.
The disadvantage is a have lots of work here to do, mainly decorating and in the summer I will have plenty of work to do outside. Will I find time for radio?? Of course!
I have already set up the shack
And just to get on the air I have put up a half size G5RV wire antenna with additional Inductors for 80 metres and a small dual band Watson W30 for VHF/UHF.

For my shortwave listening activities the Wellbrook loop  is currently propped up in the shack window where it works surprisingly well.
Generally this QTH is quieter electrically I think.

Plans for future include a better VHF/UHF antenna (possible a tri bander covering 6 metres also) getting my HF vertical back up and getting the Wellbrook loop outside. I would also like to get back onto 4 metres (70 mhz). Of course all of this will take time and may have to wait for the spring. In the meantime at least I am back on the air.