Tuesday 11 July 2017

Cheap Radio

Although I have quite a few handheld radios I could not resist this pair of Baofeng 888s  UHF radios.
Costing £19.00 (around 21 Euros or 24 US Dollars at today's rates) for TWO. A radio for £9.50 can't be bad can it?? Simple sets, 16 channels, no display, all must be programmed via PC.
This pair arrived with frequencies programmed in at 462Mhz and around, working back to back. I wonder how many get used on that frequency. Anyway safely programmed for the 70cms band the radios seem to access my local repeater ok.

The BF888S

The charger has a USB connector, quite a neat idea I think.
All programming of channels has to be done via PC, there is no way of doing it from the radio. There is specific software from Baofeng from this, screenshot below or you can use CHIRP