Sunday 8 September 2013


Did a couple of hours HF operation from the YL's QTH this weekend. The noise level there is terrible. 80 metres is pretty much unusable, 40 is extremely noisy. I think it would be very difficult to carry on the hobby from this location permanently!

The first short video shows me tuning the TS450 around the amateur bands

and then a few of the broadcast bands.

What a racket!

Friday 6 September 2013

A new one for me!

I have never been . the keenest of Dxers, I am.more of a listener and a ragchewer when it comes to radio. My motto however has always been if I do hear the DX and I have the opportunity I will try to work it!
Tuning around an otherwise quiet 10 metre band this afternoon I heard VP8LP at good strength (a genuine S9) calling CQ. I went back to him and got a 5/4 report on my second call. Proof that the Antron CB vertical works OK on 10. I qsy'ed a little further down the band and called CQ but had no replies. Tuning around I could hear nothing else . I guess that's what makes 10 metres such an interesting band.