Saturday 4 September 2010

The Story so far.

I am quite impressed with the way my mobile setup for HF is working. This week I have mainly been monitoring 40 metres on my travels. I have worked into Germany and the Orkney Islands despite 40 not being in such great shape. I also had a contact with a station in Cardiff who was able to give me a very useful audio report as I was driving nearby. It seems I don't have any nasty noises, no RF getting back into the rig or anything like that. I do get some QRN from the car on 40 metres but luckily the noise blanker takes care of it.
When I have been out and about earlier, around 7AM I have heard several VKs and ZLs on 40 at quite good strength, haven't worked them yet though, there always seems to be a pile up!


  1. Hello Kevin, as a QRP-er I have had the best contacts on 40 meter SSB. It's my favorite band.
    73 Paul

  2. Good morning Kevin nice to hear you are having success with the Icom. What antenna are you using? I had the FT-857D in my Honda Civic. For some reason could not get rid of the QRN from the car. I sold the rig in frustration I now have a new car and am getting the itch to go HF mobile again.

  3. Hello Mike and Paul
    Yes 40 metres is a good band and it is generally open most times of the day.
    Mike I am using an antenna which is branded as an AMPRO (as opposed to a PRO-AM). I have described it in an earlier entry here, basically it is a vertical around 7 feet long, about three quarters of it is helically wound with an adjustable steel whip at the top.

    73 Kevin

  4. Good to read the IC-706 doing well in the mobile. Never used mine outside the radioshack as it does well for base use also. 73, Bas

  5. Hi Kevin,

    COPYCAT !! I use the same setup, the monoband whips and the Icom 706, had a great afternoon today from my rubbish work location working the field day contest, have had contacts on 10,20 and 40m, sorry to hijack your post, best 73 Paul.