Thursday 2 December 2010

reception reports

It appears that another international shortwave broadcaster will soon be no more. Radio Solvakia International is to cease shortwave broadcasts at the end of this year. As I was working from home today I was able to tune into one of their daytime broadcasts on the trusty R1000 and I have sent a reception report in the hope of getting one of their last QSL cards.
It seems that the international broadcaster for Argentina RAE may also soon cease broadcasting on shortwave- I will keep an ear out for them. I see that some broadcasters now allow you to submit a report electronically-Radio Prague being an example although apparently they still send a paper QSL.


  1. It is a shame to see the SWBC stations blow up their towers and dismantle their equipment. I spent many a night as a kid in the mid 50's listening on a broad-as-a-barn S-38 Hallicrafters.

  2. All things will pass... life goes on into that glass fiber cable. 73 Paul

  3. Yes, Dick, they should lease them out to contest groups or hams who have to live with antenna restrictions. I'm sure there would be a market.