Monday 25 June 2012

Museum piece?

Last weekend I was lucky enough to take a trip up to London. Whilst there I visited the Science Museum.
Amongst the many exhibits there was a section on telecommunications. Since this is a museum I wasn't surprised to see exhibits such as the one below which shows a ships radio room from the early 1900's.

A little more of a surprise was the fact that there was a small section on Amateur and Citizens' band radio with exhibits that looked familiar, in fact the equipment on display is the same as that used by many radio amateurs today!

I am sure most of you will recognise the two amateur "rigs". The small transceiver on the bottom right is an "SMC Oscar One" mobile CB for the UK FM citizens band.
I guess these rigs are museum pieces being in excess of 30 years old now but I wonder how many museum goers will realise there are still plenty of similar radios in daily use!

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  1. Hi GW0KIG,

    I’m writing to ask for permission to use your ships radio room photo. I have a YouTube channel that mostly deals with old technology. I do projects on radios, adding machines, typewriters and such from the early 1900’s. Lately I’ve done a series on radio headphones from the early 1920’s. In a project I’m working on now I have a set of Baldwin and Brandies headphones I’m hoping to do a comparison on. For the first time I’m hoping to do a Green Screen video and was looking for a compelling set / background. Your picture from the Science Museum in London is a very ideal photo for the project.

    So if I could get your OK for the use of the photo it would be greatly appreciated. My YouTube channel is not monetized, so I won’t be making any money from the work. The photo itself will greatly help an otherwise rather dead pan video. The photo would make for a much more interesting background for comparing the headphones and give a more compelling scenario would make it more interesting for my very modest audience.

    I’ll naturally credit the picture source being you and your blog site.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    - Ed

    My channel if your interested in what its about is at: