Friday 18 January 2013


Pictured is how my HF doublet looked first thing this morning! Covered in snow which had fallen overnight (as foercasted) and the wire sagging badly. South Wales has seen some heavy snow in the past 24hours making travelling difficult. So no work for me today!
A quick shake of the antenna feeder got rid of the snow by the way and the antenna is back to normal.
So today I have some extra time and have started reorganising the shack.


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  2. Hi Kevin, I had antenna problems 2 weeks ago when we had a lot of snow here. I couldn't shake it off because the dipole is too high for me. We get some snow tomorrow. 73 Paul

  3. Good morning Kevin, it sure does look like a very very snowy day.....and a day off work is a nice bonus to get some things done around the shack!! Funny thing over the past few years we have not really had a large snow fall. We used to get lots and with some very heavy snow falls.