Saturday 10 May 2014


At my home station I still use a paper logbook, I guess I am old fashioned. I have tried logging software over the years but never really got into it. When operating at the YL's QTH I have been doing quite a bit of PSK31 operating using my Acer Netbook PC. I thought as the computer was on my lap, why not use it for logging too? So at this QTH  I am computerised!  I chose the Winlog32 logging software by G0CUZ and have been getting on with it OK. I like the way it uploads my QSOs to EQSL automatically. It also produces statistics of my QSOs so I know that I have worked 33 countries from here, not bad as my operating time is very limited and on some bands I have S9+5db noise level.
 I was surprised to see that I had operated 40 metres quite a bit from here. It is the noisiest band and my 6 metre long pro whip vertical is not very efficient but I have managed some contacts.

So will I go computerised logging at my home station? I am still not sure!!

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