Sunday 23 November 2014


I have thought since I moved to this QTH how lucky I was to have a fairly low noise environment for radio. Considering I am in an area close to shops and other houses RF noise levels are pretty low. That is until the last week or so when I noticed some very strong interference on the top end of the Medium Wave band

and the CW end of the 80 metre band.

Here is a quick recording of the 80 metre noise on the FT1000MP and doublet antenna.

The problem is the same whether using my doublet or the Wellbrook loop receive antenna. Its not coming from this QTH as I have turned off the mains supply to the house and the noise is just as bad using my FT857 on a 12 volt battery supply. I really need to try and find the source of this interference!


  1. I did listen to the noise and really I have no idea what it is. Here is an ARRL link that has samples of QRM noises, see if you can match the noise.
    Give this a go and see if it helps identify the problem

  2. Wow! That's rather strong! Also no idea of the potential cause, I'm afraid. The QRM bloke at teh RSGB is very helpful and enthusiastic, and writes interesting articles in RadCom, so probably worth looking him up...

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