Sunday 16 August 2015

I had a little time to play radio this weekend so managed to work a few special event stations that were running for the lighthouse weekend. Conditions were not  that good and the noise problem I still have here doesn't help but I managed a few. One surprise was working EI0LHL on 20 metres. I can't remember ever working an EI on 20 before, the skip isn't usually that short on that band.

The noise problem here is very strange. A few weeks back we had a power cut in this area. Listening around on a battery operated radio at that time showed the noise was still there. So my noise is not caused by a near neighbour with a PLT device as I had suspected. Stranger still about two weeks ago the noise disappeared. Sadly it is now back again but perhaps isn't quite as bad as it was but it still makes a mess of Top Band (160m) and Medium Wave.

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