Saturday 25 November 2017

Unusual Receiver

I picked up this receiver at a local radio rally a few weeks back.  It is an RX80. It was made from a kit Featured in the RSGB magazine "Radcom" in 1981. It is amateur bands only but since it has a digital frequency readout I suppose it was quite advanced for its time. I have never seen one before and as you can see below this is a working example although the WARC bands (10 18 and 24 mhz )dont seem to function.

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  1. I have one of these Rx80 receivers. I made it from the articles published in the 1980 editions of RadCom.
    The heart is a tunable 3-4MHz module which is used as a tunable IF for the other ham bands which are individually converted down. Tuning is via a 10 turn pot controlling the voltages of the varicap diodes. Band switching is using pin diode switches per convertor.
    Modules are:
    RX80 - tunable 3-4MHz with 455kHz IF using KB4412 and LM380 audio. S-meter works from the AGC line.
    ST80 - Huff Puff stabiliser for the VFO
    FM80 - FM demodulator
    PSU80 - Linear PSU 230ac in to 12V dc out
    CV80 - Band convertor with Xtal LO and FET mixer, one needed per band, fitted under the chassis
    CV2 - 2m convertor

    Chassis was available from Ambit International (CirKIT) in Broxbourne
    LCD module works from the main tunable VFO, and has a 455kHz offset built in.

    Pete (RS87936)