Monday 26 October 2009

Casual contester?

Well I managed to work a few interesting (for me!) stations over the weekend. In addition to those I mentioned in the last post I managed Greece and Cyprus on 10 metres as well as Morrocco. I didn't bother with 20 metres much as it seemed so crowded but did manage one stateside contact.
Isn't it strange how you can a 59 report from all of these stations, even though they are clearly struggling to hear you?I have been in the hobby now for over 20 years and it has always been the same for that time at least. I wonder when it started though? I guess it allows stations to complete a large part of their logs in advance as they know what the reports are going to be!

The bands seem back to normal now, with 10 and 15m dead here, for now at least. Lets hope that conditions are picking up slowly as 10 metres is one of my favourite bands.

The picture accompanying this post is of my trusty Trio/Kenwood TS830s. I have had this set for many years now, and for the last two or three years it has sat largely unused. Since August however it has been working hard as my "data" station running on pSK31 on 30 metres and has been working very well. I guess this rig is around 25 years old or so now and is still going strong.

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