Friday 30 October 2009

I heard a Whisper.............

On my last blog entry Bas PE4BAS, pointed out that it was easily possible to go QRP with my TS830s simply by altering the output of my PC soundcard! Now why didn't I think of that?? Its a lot easier using data, with a voice transmission simply cranking down the mic gain won't work.
Anyway having set the power to 10 watts using the TS830 Mic gain, a liitle tweak of my soundcards volume setting and I was running under 5 watts.
Incidentally whilst experimenting and trying to reduce power I had 3 PSK31 contacts on 30 metres. 2 Russian contacts and one into Germany, all on around 4 watts!

Anyway last night I downloaded the WSPR software and after studying the excellent instructions written by Julian G4ILO I was up and running. I am still finding my way around the software and need to do a bit more reading up on WSPR but last night I was rewarded with being heard by an OH2, a WB3, two W3's and A W9. All with 5 watts on 30 metres. Now I have worked Stateside on PSK31 on 30 metres in the past but I was running around 40 watts then. WSPR looks a really interesting mode. I intend to run it when I am not using the 830s for anything else. Of course not being licensed to run an unattended station it means that I cannot run WSPR when I am not at home. It would be most interesting to run 24/7 for a while. As i understand it this is not a mode that could be used for a QSO but it is a very good way of measuring propagation conditions.
Interstingly the PSK section of 30 metres seemed all but dead just before I set up WSPR so I was suprised that my signal made it to the USA!


  1. Evening Kevin,

    Glad you are enjoying WSPR. Check with Paul (PC4T) but I understand you can leave it running unattended whilst you nip out to the shops, but I am not 100% sure. The guy who implemented the software has plans to make 2-way WSPR QSO possible, so when that happens it will be very exciting. It is unbelievable the distances that can be achieved on QRP with the right mode. PSK is good, but WSPR is staggering! GL & 73 Adam

  2. Hi Adam

    I think in the UK at least we have to be "in attendance". How you interpret that is a different thing. I am of the opinion that as long as I am at home then the station is under my supervision. Whether I am in the shack, downstairs reading or watching TV or out in the garden I am still at the station address so all should be ok. So leaving it running overnight would be a possibility I guess. WSPR is amazing as you say and it just goes to show what can be done with low power.