Wednesday 25 November 2009

A new addition

Pictured is a Kenwood TS450s, not a new rig by any means but the latest addition to my shack. I am hoping to run this rig on the data modes, but tonight I have been running it on 40metres and 80 metres SSB just to test it. The rig seems to be working OK although it has had a slight modification made to it, on the picture of the rear panel you can see an RS232 socket, that shouldn't be there- its a mod by a previous owner. I have tried connecting this this to my PC but Ham Radio deluxe doesn't want to work with this rig. It may be possible to computer control the rig using one of the original ports on the rear, in any case luckily I am not too worried about computer controlling the rig.
First impressions of the TS450 is that it is a little quirky to operate but seems to have a nice receiver.
Next step is to get a lead sorted out between my data interface and the rig.


  1. That TS450 looks a lovely radio. Hope it will do the business for you in PSK especially. Where did you buy it? Will look out for your comments about its use on-air. I love getting new equipment - gives me a buzz ordering something and then waiting for it to arrive, and finally getting it set-up and testing it. I did a bit too much of it this year and will only just hit my savings target for the year, so next year I will have to be more restrained. £45 at the dentist today hasn't helped any!!!!!

  2. Hi Adam

    I bought the rig on Ebay. I have heard some horror stories about Ebay over the years but I have been lucky so far with items that I have bought and sold.I will post a bit more when I have had a chance to use the rig.
    My Sympathies about the dentist, its just as expensive as radio but a lot more painful!

    73 de Kevin