Thursday 5 November 2009

Quick update

Having read on G4ILOs blog yesterday that last night was an activity evening on WSPR on 40metres I duly tuned up the TS830, cranked down the power and set up WSPR on that band at 5 watts. After wondering why nothing was happening, i.e no decodes I realised that I had not Synchronized the PC clock! Once this was done I was up and running.So Last night my 5 watts was heard in the USA, Brazil and Austrailia!! truly amazing. What a superb piece of software. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could dig SSB and AM signals out of the noise the way WSPR does? Maybe in this day and age of SDR receivers, some of which are apparently very impressive we are not so far way from this.
Tonights picture has nothing to to with radio, rather its my excuse as to whay there hasn't been much radio done here this evening as I went along to the local firework display!


  1. Hallo Kevin,

    Remarkable success on WSPR! Fantastic! It is a fascinating mode isn't it.

    Hope you enjoyed the fireworks. Bradley (who is not troubled by them at all) and I saw the dispaly here in Torquay and it was stunning, despite the rain that started only minutes into the display.

    Happy WSPRing! Adam

  2. Hello Adam,

    Its good that Bradley is not troubled by fireworks as most animals seem to hate them!
    Yes WSPR is an excellent mode and its amazing to see how far our low power signals can travel.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the fireworks by the way, the display was very good and for once the weather was dry- unusual for us here in South Wales!

  3. Hi Kevin, WSPR is fantastic isn't it. But now try 17, 12 or 10m. Or some less power. Much more difficult, but you will be suprised ! I have been WSPRing for a while. And have been on all bands except 500KHz. 40, 30 and 20m are easy.
    But it takes some effort to be heard on the other bands. Good luck 73 Bas PE4BAS