Sunday 27 June 2010

Way out West

Today I attended the West of England Radio Rally held at Frome, Somerset. This is not exactly a local rally as it involves a round trip of around 160 miles (250 Kms) but once you get of the motorway it is actually a very scenic journey particularly with the lovely weather we are enjoying at the moment. Leaving home at around 8am, I arrived at the rally at around 940,  in plenty of time for the opening at 1000. At that stage there was already a queue of fifty or more waiting to go in.
The rally itself is relatively small, with the major traders in a main hall under cover and other traders in a car park area at the side of the building. There were a few "main dealers" there but in the main the traders were mainly selling components, antennas and accessories and various second hand items.
I had a successful visit as I managed to get what I was looking for- a boot mount for an HF mobile whip  and a 20 metre whip. There were a number of items that I would have liked if funds allowed but they didn't. There was a good selection of portable antennas, masts and fibreglass poles as well as some interesting second hand HF gear.
Sadly as with almost all radio rallies there were the usual few unwashed bodies, the stench from which would clear a room in 30 seconds! I am not sure why this seems to affect radio rallies so much, perhaps the people concerned wish to clear others away from the traders stands to get a better view! It must be said that today those people were in the minority, I have experienced much worse. Why people cannot have a quick shower and change of clothes before leaving home is a mystery, an unanswered question in the same league as- 'if so much CB equipment is advertised on Ebay, why is nobody on 27mhz?'
Anyway a good day, with a pleasant journey and I even got back in time to see the England v Germany world cup game- but now I rather wish I hadn't!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the Cheese & Grain fair in Frome! I have a friend from the club who went along. Shame about the football. No one minds losing too much: but 4:1 (well 4:2 if you want to be picky!) is not a good way to go.

    73 Adam