Sunday 4 July 2010

CAT control

HF conditions seem to have been pretty poor over the last few days. A few of us locally have been working 6 metres FM as an alternative to 2 metres. 6 seems a very under-used band, unless conditions are good that is when everyone seems to come out of the woodwork.

Anyway there was a bit of PSK31 activity on 10 metres today and I worked I4UUL who has a very good picture of CAT control equipment on his QRZ page- I just thought I would share it here! Now if only I could get one of the shack cats here to pose like that.


  1. Hi Kevin:
    Thats what I like to see in the shack, they're good company - we have a couple of pedigrees here and another coming soon - real time wasters... and yes, cond'x on bands vy poor, I think we have gone backwards the last two months. Have still only worked a handful on 6m.

    73 Peter

  2. Hello Kevin,

    Sorry, I did in fact see this lovely photo and post a few days ago but must have been busy. Anyway it is a great photo! I guess the cat loves the warmth of the radio. Aren't animals comical!

    Glad you had some bureau QSLs. I had to stop QSLs via the bureau as, not being a member, they would send me dozens of cards for free and I would have to pay to reply direct to each one!

    It's all contests this weekend so not a hope of any decent radio contacts. Shame as I feel like a natter on HF. Why oh why can't contesting take place on only a portion of each band instead of right across each one!

    73 Adam