Sunday 24 October 2010

10 metre mobile

I had a short 10 minute journey to make today, just across the village. Since 10 metres was open again I put the 10 metre whip on the car. Actually its an El Cheapo CB whip that I bought from  a local Maplins shop.
I relly need to trim it for 10 metre use, but at the moment the LDG auto tunes it nicely. I was rewarded with a QSO with an Italian station, located in Sicily. Can't remember the call though, keeping a log is difficult when you are mobile!
In any case that was my first 28Mhz mobile contact.


  1. Kevin, ever thought about a cheap MP3 player with recording capability. Put it in your car and after the QSO record some details of the contact with your voice. Just an idea. Nice to notice 10m was open today. 73, Bas

  2. Hi Bas,

    thats a good idea. I have a compact digital recorder in the shack here, I will look out for a cheap one for the car.
    Yes its nice to see some activity on 10 at last.

    73 Kevin

  3. Hi Kevin, I use the very same antenna for 10m as well, though I do have a bottom loaded modulator as well, it's a little longer and around 1 's' point better on rx, though when condx are this good, it doesnt matter.

    73 Paul.