Sunday 3 October 2010

Digital Mode Samples - v2.0

A very useful little video I found. Thought it was worth sharing.


  1. Very useful audio clip I did recognize some but others such as Hf Packet, SSTV and Hell never knew that was how they sounded. It's good to know what your hearing if it is a signal or just QRM? Speaking of QRM an audio clip sampling different types would also be handy as well. Sometimes during a contest I get some odd QRM and then it disappears but would help to know what it is.

  2. Nice piece of audio, good to hear different modes. I was curious what has been send, so I decoded the PSK31 signal it says:

    ...- CQ CQ CQ de K2NCC K2NCC K2NCC Oregon AR

    73, Bas

  3. Hey group. Thanks for visiting my YOUTUBE page! New samples go up on a regular basis, so visit again some time. Vy 73, de Frank K2NCC