Sunday 27 February 2011

Radio Rallies

I attended my first radio rally of 2011 today. Held by the Swansea Amateur Radio Society at the Neath Sports centre.
This is not a particularly large rally but it seemed well attended and it was nice to meet up with some friends old and new. One of the highlights for me was meeting fellow blogger and local CW partner MW0IAN, Ian.
I came away from the rally with a few small items-a couple of BNC plugs, a dipole centre piece and some 300ohm feeder (I am thinking of making an HF doublet).
The next rally for me may be at the end of June (west of England Rally), these radio events are quite thin on the ground now, when I started in the hobby it seemed like there was a rally almost every other week!


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  2. Love the rallies, a chance to chat to fellow hams, make new friends and catch up with clubmates, so all good, oh and lots of shiny and not so shiny kit and boxes to rummage in, love it !

    BTW can I ask what you paid per meter for the feeder ?

    73 Paul.

  3. hi Paul

    I think it was £7 for 10 metres