Wednesday 6 April 2011

Progress................of a kind!

Well my TS830s isn't quite as badly damaged as I thought.It is now working OK on receive at least. Why is it now receiving? Well I am almost too embarrassed to admit this-but lets just say its important to make sure the fuse holder in the rig is screwed fully home!!
In any case switching on the heater switch shows that I have some plate current to the PA valves but the current rapidly increases within seconds and if the heaters were left on the fuse would simply blow again. The fault here seems to be similar to the one I had with my small SRW linear- that too showed a rapid increase in plate current. That fault turned out to be a combination of a blown capacitor in the finals stage along with a dying resistor. I hope to get some time over the weekend to open up the PA stage of the rig to have a close look.

I spent some time this evening trying to get the data lead I bought to work with my FT1000MP but to no avail. The DIN plug on the lead was indeed incorrectly wired according to the pinout data in the Yaesu manual. Two of the wires (earth and PTT) were going to the wrong pins. I resoldered these to the correct pins but I still cannot get the software to key the rigs PTT. I think I will stick to the TS450 for data-it works well in this mode and is simple to use. I feel a bit annoyed that I am left with a lead that doesn't do what it was bought for-but I guess it could be easily adapted to suit another rig. I have come to the conclusion that the 1000MP is not really suited to the data modes.


  1. I had the FT-1000mp and did run digi with it but just can't remember what went where....but if using the TS450 does the trick for now then go with that. There is a yahoo group for the FT-1000 maybe ask there and you may get some suggestions.

  2. Regarding your fault on the TS-830, it looks to me like you have a loss of grid bias.

    I'm not up on stock TS-830 faults, there may well be one for these symptoms.

    However, unless the grids are backed off during receive the output valves will start to conduct heavily as the emission comes up (HT being present all the time irrespective of whether the filaments are powered or not).

    There should be about -100V on the grids during ceive, from your fault description I wouldn't be at all surprised if there is something much nearer zero volts.

    You should be able to do most of your fault finding with the filaments off, but watch out for those nasty HT volts which are there all the time the radio is powered up!

    Good luck and keep us posted

    Hope this helps

    Martin - G4FUI