Wednesday 13 April 2011

Time for a change?

Well it is for these 6146b valves that I pulled from my TS830s tonight. They don't look in good shape

 If you don't know how they SHOULD look (I didn't!) I will post a picture of one of the unused 6146s I have shortly. Hopefully you can see that the metal filament in the valve is warped. Both 6146s are basically the same
I think the state of the PA valves may be at least part of my TS830 problems. Next job then is to try replacing the 6146s and going through the neutralisation process.

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  1. Interesting - My 830 needs a new set but I have been putting it back for so long now - it involves setting up the bias by adjusting a trimmer inside the PA, (LIVE) and there's 800v in there - (Dont fancy it)... Keep us up to date.

    Rgds Peter