Saturday 14 May 2011

Broadcast QSLs

Here is my latest QSL card from the shortwave broadcast station- "voice of Nigeria"

I am hoping to get a few more reception reports off to various broadcasters soon. The Aim is to QSL as many as I can before they all disappear!


  1. Hello from Pembrokeshire......

    Your right about the disappearing...
    It will be a sad day if all these SW stations move over to the internet and satellite services.

    Give me a signal bounced of the ionosphere any day......

    Like the blog... 73 de Mark MW0MJB

  2. Concerning the Luiton VHF/UHF radio: It appears that the Luiton and the TYT TH UVF1 are the same radio. I use the Luiton software to program my TYT and it appears to work just fine. What I would like to know is if the TYT software works on the Luiton. If so, I would consider purchasing the Luiton if it is cheaper.