Thursday 26 May 2011

HF Mobile

A couple of weeks back I ordered a multiband HF SRC 8010 mobile whip from Snowdonia Radio Company. It took a while to arrive and a follow up email to the company wasn't replied to but luckily today the antenna arrived. The antenna with the aid of an auto ATU will, according to specifications tune from 80 metres up to 6.
I have tested it briefly on the car today, sure enough it did tune from 80 up to 10 metres and in fact it sounded very lively particularly on the higher bands. On 6 metres my auto ATU doesn't want to speak to my Icom 706 MK1 but I was able to get  what appears an acceptable match on that band (by tuning the whip on another band and switching to 6) and was rewarded by hearing a number of stations on 6m SSB as well as accessing a semi-local 6 metre repeater on FM.
The antenna looks to be well constructed. As I understand it the base contains a small balun which help in the matching of the whip. It will certainly be nice to have more choice of HF bands when I am mobile. Up to now I had whips for 40,20 and 10 and had to decide before setting off which band I would operate each day.

I will report back when I have had more time to assess this antenna but first impressions are good.

Below is the base of the antenna


  1. Sounds like a bargain...wouldn't mind one of those and put it on the car, connected to the FT817... Mark MW0MJB :0)

  2. Good morning Kevin, I remember in the past you mentioned this antenna and great that you got it. I am very much looking forward to your report I too operate lots of portable (not mobile yet) and stealth at home so this antenna interests me very much. Looking forward to your followup with the unit.

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  4. Hi Ian,

    Yes I must post an update soon. It seems to work quite well, although HF conditions haven't been that good. It seems to tune up 80 to 10 metres OK and I have even found a way to tune it on 6. It certainly is neater in appearance than the loaded mono band whips I had.



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