Saturday 11 February 2012

A Pleasant suprise

Calling CQ on PSK 31 on what appeared to be a dead  30 metre band here  tonight resulted in a a couple of Stateside QSOs with KA1KE and WA1TFV. I seems my doublet, despite being fairly low at the moment is working quite well on this band. 10 Mhz is quite often overlooked being such a narrow band but it can prove interesting.


  1. Yes PSK can be lots of fun and I can remember having the Ft-857 setup on my night table and the Miracle whip antenna on with a long counter poise. I was able to get into Europe from my room with 30 watts while watching some TV.

  2. The WARC bands are highly underrated in my opinion, especially 30 meters where you can get the best of what 40 and 20 meters offer at the same time! Of course, the WARC bands are also a terrific refuge from contests that may be clogging up the other bands.