Saturday 24 March 2012

How not to do it

From time to time its possible to hear bad signals in the amateur bands. Wide SSB signals, overdriven audio. In fact about a week ago I discovered I was getting some RF into my Kenwood MC80 base Mic and have swopped to a hand microphone whilst I get the problem sorted out.
But take a listen to this, far worse than any amateur signal I have ever heard.Its a Broadcast station on the 49 Metre band. I have noticed this awful transmission for a few weeks. It is I believe Radio Cairo, the signal splatters all over the band and is impossible to demodulate. Just to show its not a problem with my old Kenwood R5000, I switch quickly in the video to a "normal" AM signal.

In fact since taking this video I have found that Radio Cairo is supposedly transmitting on 6270, reception was no clearer there but with my R5000 tuned to 6285 you can see how wide and awful their signal is!


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