Saturday 12 May 2012

No Shed, No antenna!

When I first moved to to this QTH I surveyed the garden looking for a suitable place to anchor the far end of my HF wire antenna.
At the end of my garden was this monstrosity

It was ugly, it leaked, the door didnt close properly and the window was missing! However it was a convenient place to bolt a pole to so that it could hold one end of my doublet antenna.

But it had to go and it now looks like this

So for now I have no HF antenna. I now need to to set up a pole and pulley system so that I can erect my new wire antenna. I have bought a commercial antenna called the Western HF10. There is a review of it on G0KYA's blog here. This antenna should just about fit in a straight line down my garden.
In addition I still have to put up my 10-15-20 hygain vertical. Sadly the poor weather and the amount of other household work I have been doing has got in the way!


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  2. Hi Ian

    Sadly they are not in my garden,!!! there is a lane behind my garden, a stream behind that and then the trees.

    73 Kevin

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