Saturday 12 May 2012

Adventures in Audio

Whilst I haven't been able to operate HF from home for the last few weeks I have been considering some small improvements I could make to the station. My Yaesu Ft1000MP which I have owned from new is capable of producing excellent transmit audio. I had always felt though that I hadn't really taken advantage of this.,
I was recently inspired by watching an episode of Ham Nation (well worth a look if you don't already know about it) a U.S based internet videocast full of amateur radio features and hosted by Bob Heil. In episode 36 there is a feature on improving audio.
Anyway I now have a "studio" type microphone hooked into a small mixer

Initial tests running the rig into a dummy load and monitoring on my R5000 receiver seem quite positive with punchy audio which is adjustable using the 3 band EQ on the mixer. The Microphone by the way is a fairly cheap "pro sound" unit obtained from Maplins.

Hopefully I can soon get this set up "on air" and get some audio reports.

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