Friday 15 January 2010


Back in December I applied for some awards from the European PSK Club (EPC) as I am a member and had been quite active on PSK last year. I sat back and waited, expecting perhaps to receive an email notification about my award apllication, but nothing came. Today I remembered Adam M6RDP telling me I needed to check the member site of EPC as notifications aren't always emailed.
But each time I went onto the EPC website I couldn't find the members area! Eventually I established the reason why. I use Google Chrome as my web browser. Its quite fast, simple to use and I can't get on with Internet Explorer 8. As far as I can see in the current explorer Microsoft have hidden the most useful icons and functions. It seems the webmaster of the EPC site has issues with Google Chrome and therefore the site is designed not to work properly with that browser. However I opened up IE8 and sure enough was able to log in and obtain my first EPC award.
My CW learning continues, slowly and I think it will take many months! I have been able to copy some bits and pieces of HF cw Qso's though and that has lifted my CW spirits a little! UU1CC has suggested that I should listen to CW wherever possible, as if it were background music. I am taking this advice and listening to a CW QSO on 40 metres as I type this!

The picture at the foot of this post is entirely non radio related. On a  work related trip to London on Wednesday, this is the view that greeted me opposite the Temple underground station- the first time I have seen snow in Central London. Needless to say the snow I had left at home in South Wales was much deeper but it did seem strange to see London with its white covering!


  1. Evening Kevin,

    Great award! Well done! The EPC certificates are very colourful aren't they. Do you know where you are going to put it?

    My friend M0IME has a cw tape on in his car like background music so that sounds like a good idea.

    Best wishes, Adam

  2. Hello Adam,

    I think I will display the first few awards on the shack wall, probably using the clip frames as you have.
    I think listening to CW generally does help as you find yourself automatically decoding it. I may make myself a CW CD for the car-I think thats a good idea!

    73 De Kevin