Wednesday 6 January 2010

Making a start

Further to my last blog I have been starting to re-learn CW or Morse if you prefer.Paul PC4T  mentioned a free piece of software called CW-freak however I found that this software dodn't seem to want to work on the Windows 7 based PC that I am using. I have found another piece of software called"Just Learn Morse Code" by LB3KB and am trying to devote a little time each evening to my morse studies!!

I had a little more time for radio today than I expected. Due to the heavy snowfall here in South Wales I was unable to get to work. The picture today shows my street as it appeared this morning-covered in snow! Snow like this is not that common in this part of the UK and as I write this most of it is still around and we are likely to have sub-zero temperatures overnight so the journey to work tomorrow should be interesting.
Anyway I ventured onto 40 metres SSB this afternoon and made a couple of contacts before moving onto the PSK31 mode.

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  1. Hello Kevin, it is good you find another software for CW practice. I need a new computer this year, and I am afraid some software I am running is not compatible with Windows 7. So must install a dual boot with Win XP on it. Good luck with CW. 73 Paul