Thursday 21 January 2010

Higher Bands

Listening on 2 metres on my way into work the other day I heard a couple of amateurs talking about an opening on 10 metres this week. Apparently the 28Mhz band was open into Europe up until around 2100. Needless to say I missed that opening, and although I have been listening on 10 metres for the last couple of evenings I haven't heard anything.

When I first became interested in radio, as an SWL in the early 1980's HF conditions and the solar cycle were at their peak. At that time I was using a multiband shortwave receiver with its own telescopic antenna. I can recall being able to listen to CB operators in the USA on 26Mhz at all times of the day and night. Added to this in those days Broadcast stations also used to transmit between 25.5 and 26Mhz. The QSL pictured from Radio RSA was received by me in 1983. RSA used 25790Khz and used to sound like a local FM station such was the strength and clarity of its signal.
Some years later in 1988 when I obtained my full UK amateur licence and was able to operate on the HF bands, the higher bands were still active. My first logbook was full of 10 metre contacts. 10 metres always seemed a band that was kind to operators with simple equipment and low power. Lets hope we will see conditions like this again!


  1. Hello Kevin, I was a CB operator for many years and can remember contacts to the USA on 26,2 MHz. Signals steady 9+30dB and chatting all over the states including Alaska and Hawaii in one afternoon. I prefer the 10m band and still have monobander yagi antennas waiting in the garage for better times. 73, Bas

  2. Hello Kevin, we are all the same, I used to be also on 27 MC. And me too was a SWL listener and try to receive Radio RSA, which I did. I got a nice QSL report and info from SA. Those were the days. 73 Paul

  3. Hello Bas and Paul,
    Thanks for your comments

    Yes lets hope the good conditions will return. 10 metres is a lot of fun.

    73 De Kevin