Wednesday 24 March 2010

A Little extra

I was not at work today so after some chores I had a little time for Radio :)

I worked DM8JH, Juergen on 30 metres PSK. After the usual exchange of Macros, Juergen went on to tell me about some of his other interests. He then made a very good point by saying wouldn't PSK be more interesting if everyone didn't just say "Hello" and then "Goodbye"? Of course I had to rise to the challenge and send an over typed "live" at my keyboard. Now that's not easy for me (Even though I once held the title of the fastest one-finger typist in the office!) but with a few typos I did manage a more natural QSO then just sending Macros.
Maybe this means as well as relearning my CW skills I now need keyboard skills as well......

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