Saturday 20 March 2010


I had an interesting comment on my previous report regarding my Pye MX294 4 metre rig.
Ian, MW0IAN informed me that the MX294 should be capable of around 20-25 watts output. My rig was giving an output of 6watts. A little internet research showed that adjusting the power should be fairly straightforward. Opening the rig up revealed (as hopefully the picture above shows) that there are several adjustments possible, all of which are clearly marked. Connecting the rig to a dummy load, I set the RF Power adjustment to give approximately 18 watts out.

This was by no means flat out but I don't want to overdrive or overheat the rig. Having replaced the covers, a quick test with a local on 4 metres confirmed all was ok. At the 18 watt setting the rig is only drawing 4 amps from my PSU although it it getting slightly warmer than it was running 6watts! Here is the rig, back in its operating position and screwed back together.

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  1. Hi there.
    We must try a Sked on 4 meters sometime..