Wednesday 26 January 2011

Learning the hard way.

For the last couple of days I have been using the CW GET software to help practice my CW sending. Although it can be quite distressing to see thaT what you thought was good CW isn't. CW GET is not like the human ear. It doesn't make any allowances. If your timing is slightly out your G will appear on CW GET  as a T and an N and so on.
One thing is for sure when I do go on air for my first (for 20 years) CW I will use my straight key rather than the paddle- results were a bit better with that! More practice needed on the paddle I think!


  1. Hi kevin, a good practice with a paddle key takes some time. As long the speed is below 16 wpm a straight key is OK. But when the speed will go up, then a paddle is much better. Just try and play with it. 73 Paul

  2. Good morning Kevin, it's good that most out there are using their ears and not computers to decode. That way the forgiveness is there....when all else fails there is always dit dit dit dit dit....and start the word again.

  3. Morning Kevin
    I am afraid it does take up time and being addicted to cw found no improvement for months if not years, then quite suddenly I could raise my game, this happened recently, I would be happy at 20wpm and now copying speeds much higher before exploding !! The "Key" is practice, practice, no pain no gain - do it in short bursts - also read it - dont write.