Monday 24 January 2011


When I installed the HF gear in my car last year, it soon became clear that even though the antenna mount was installed on the bootlid (trunk) of my Volvo saloon car with an HF antenna installed it was long enough to hit overhanging tree branches etc. To avoid too much strain on the antenna and mount I purchased a spring on Ebay and installed that. The spring fits between the UNF mount on the boot and the antenna and absorbs a lot of the strain.
Last year I mentioned the disappointing quality of the Sirio antenna mount I had purchased although it still works it is rusting away quite quickly and will need to be replaced soon-not impressive after just around 6 months. That mount by the way is being used for the VHF whip, the 10 year old Diamond mount is being used for HF and still looks as good as new. I can't say the same for the Ebay spring though which had a shiny chrome finish but now looks like this:

Now I didn't pay a great deal for this little item, but it was the only one I could get. It still functions of course but looks awful again after 6 months. Yes it has been outside in all weathers but surely that it what it was designed for! I  don't want a rusty thing like this attached to my car! I have now painted it silver with some Hammerite paint so that it looks a little better. I wonder is it possible to get quality antenna items anymore or should be just accept that things are only going to last six months or so?


  1. Hi Kevin, I too have run into some poor quality stuff out there and I find when you don't spend the money up front that in the long run you end up putting out more. I have two Diamond mounts and they are great. The only mistake I made was when there is no antenna in the 3/8 threaded mount I put a cheap 3/8 bolt in and it rusted really bad over the past winter. Now I am in the middle of replacing parts on the mount as the 3/8 bolt is rusted in and not coming out. Going to get a good stainless steel on this time. Lesson learned.

  2. Hello Kevin, I always choose antennas with stainless steel parts. When I build my own antennas I always use stainless steel bolts and nuts. I've had my share of rusty springs, bolts, nuts and other materials...unfortenately the hammerite won't last long, I can tell you that. Better try to get another (stainless) spring. 73, Bas