Tuesday 18 January 2011

Little and often

I am on leave from work for a few weeks while the YL recovers from an operation.This means a little extra (but not a lot!!) of time for radio in between the household chores and looking after the YL.Some of this time I am using for CW practice, a little time on the CW teaching software on the PC, a little time sending to myself on the paddle key and some time listening to and writing down CW off the air. Added to which when I am in the shack and not transmitting myself I am listening to CW. I am hoping that by doing this for a while I will be able to get back on the air with the key!
In the evenings I am still doing a little work on PSK31, as far as I can see HF conditions are still pretty poor though. I may download and give the JT65 mode a try sometime too.


  1. Hi Kevin:
    Hope ur Xyl's recovery is well under way, good to see your using some time to get back to basics (CW) still a very good mode I think - I have been using it since day one - despite all these fangled digimodes I always return to CW.
    Stick with it !

    73 Peter

  2. Good morning Kevin, as Peter has said I hope your wife's recovery goes well. Very good ideas with CW and as I have heard many times over and it's true...the way to do it is practice.

  3. Thanks Guys!

    I will keep up with the practice!

    73 Kevun

  4. Hi Kevin, I hope your XYL will recover soon. CW is a old nice reliable mode. Good luck with practice. 73 Paul

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  6. Sorry I meant 3.571Mhz :)