Monday 28 December 2009


A little while back I mentioned that I was applying for a few awards from the "Eurpean Phase Shift Keying Club" or EPC. As well as being an EPC member I had also joined the 30 metre Digital Group, another club that exists to promote digital modes, but this time specifically on the 30 Metre (10Mhz) band.
Just like EPC the 30MDG has an automated system for applying for awards. You download the "Ultimate 30" software, load in your electronic log and away you go! I was pleased to discover that I was eligible for one of their awards, I applied and it arrived just before Christmas.
I haven't been that active on the air over the past month or so, but these awards are a little incentive to get on the air- and that must be a good thing.

I have done a fair amount of listening over the Christmas period and have been further evaluating the Wellbrook loop. A trip to the Local DIY store yesterday saw me purchasing a length of plastic pipe-this will be used to mount the loop outside. I am not back in work until 4th January  and I am hoping to get the loop outside, even it its mounted temporarily before then.

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  1. Great 30MDG award. I can't get on 30 meters any more and miss it to tell you the truth - though not enough to swap back to my longwire!

    Looking forward to hear what reception on the loop will be like when you have it outside.

    Since looking into the awards scheme for the EPC I too find it an incentive to use that mode again, without which I might just stick to SSB.

    73 and Happy New Year, Adam