Wednesday 30 December 2009

Remote Receivers

Many of you will probably know about this, but I thought  I would share it with you anyway.
On our local 2 metre net this evening one of our local amateurs commented on web SDR receivers. There are a number of websites which allow you to tune a remote controlled receiver in another part of the world. Its a great way of checking what propogation is like, in fact you could even try to listen for your own signal. Rather than me try to explain more about how this all works try this link and have a tune around. Be careful, it is quite addictive!

On another note, and perhaps slightly controversial (in fact I did wonder whether to post this in my blog) I heard or saw an unusual callsign on PSK on 40 metres yesterday. The Call was 1B1AB, a station located in Northern Cyprus. Northern Cyprus or the TRNC as it is called is only recognised by a small number of states, the main one I believe being Turkey. As a result, it does not count for DXCC awards. In effect stations operating from there are in a sort of administrative limbo as it could be said they are illegal, even though they have licences issued by the governing authority. Would you work 1B1AB? For me the decision was made by the propagation gods as the signal faded out as quick as it faded in!


  1. Hello Kevin, I've listened to some webSDRs and even decoded some PSK with it. Though it is only a small part of the spectrum, not even the entire amateurband. Anyway it is fun. Yes, I would work 1B1AB just for curiosity. I heard him a couple of time and it seems to be a friendly chap. I don't care if he is illigal or is counting for a DXCC. Happy New Year! 73, Bas

  2. Hello Kevin, best wishes for 2010! yes, I know the website and I did some listening with it. It's good to check your own signal. I heard 1B1AB before, I couldn't work him. I am not an award chaser, so if I get to change to work him, I will certainly do so. 73 Paul

  3. Hello Bas and Paul,

    Thank you both for your comments.
    For what its worth I think you are both right. I would work 1B1AB if I could.I think he should be allowed to enjoy his hobby,any political problems are not his fault.
    73 de Kevin