Sunday 20 December 2009

Special Event

Since I have been trying out the new Wellbrook loop antenna I have been doing a lot of listening and hardly any transmitting, so when I heard a special event station on 80 metres early this afternoon I thought I'd give a call. I worked Paul (GW0JTY) operating GB0NG, a station commemorating the famous Nos Galan Races held annually on New Year’s Eve which take place in  honour of the  Welsh runner Guto Nyth Bran and his legendary athletic prowess. Legend has it it that he once ran to Pontypridd and back - about seven miles - before the kettle boiled- pretty fast! Anyway the station is run by Aberdare Amateur Radio club and you can hear the callsign on air up to New Year's Eve- one to look out for!

Inspired by fellow Blogger Adam, M6RDP I have downloaded the "Ultimate EPC"  software to see if, as an EPC member I was entitled to any of their awards. The process of applying for these awards is totally automated. All you have to do is download the software, load in your log file( I use the log built into the Digipan program)  and the rest is done for you.This year i have been fairly active on HF, particularly on PSK31 but I was surprised to see I qualified for a number of awards including AUPA,CZPA and EPCDL, I have applied for these three to begin with. Thanks for the info-Adam!

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  1. Fantastic Kevin! I am delighted you have qualified for some nice PSK awards. The only down side as far as I am concerned is the £2.49 for the clip frames, but they look so cool in the shack I don't mind too much! Have you given any thought to whether they will go in a special folder or on the wall?

    The whole process of checking your progress and applying for the award is terrific isn't it. So modern and automated. I love it. When the award is approved you will see it in the "My Awards" page in the members section - you do not always receive an email as I found out this week. So keep checking in there to have a look.

    73 Adam