Tuesday 1 December 2009

Up and Running

The Data Leads for my TS450 Arrived today. As I was working from home this afternoon as I was able to take a quick tea break and test things out!
My first contact using the TS450 on PSK was with SP3AOS on 30 metres. It was nice to know everything was working OK and thanks to EZE (UK) for the prompt delivery of the lead.I think the TS450 will be a very nice rig to use on data modes and with its internal ATU it will be relatively easy to hop from band to band.
Its much colder here today, I think winter is well and truly on its way although in many ways I prefer the crisp cold weather to the damp stuff we have been having recently.

My thoughts are now turning to what is likely to be my last radio related purchase of 2009 (and probably for a while). For some time I have been reading reviews of a receive only active loop antenna made by Wellbrook. The reviews have been very good, particularly in respect of the antennas ability to reject noise and electrical interference. One of the loops is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. I am considering getting one, trying it in the roofspace over the winter and maybe in spring putting it outside. The Main use of the loop will be for my shortwave listening activities although if it proves useful there is no reason why it can't be used as a receive antenna for amateur bands.


  1. Hi Kevin, nice to read your TS450 is running now on digital. Hope to meet you sometime on PSK, my favourite bands are 30m and 17m these days. But I also like to to WSPR a lot on all bands. 73, Bas

  2. Hallo Kevin,

    Before I kind of "switched" from SWL to Amateur Radio I was seriously considering the purchase of a Wellbrook Loop. I liked the compact size - especially of the smaller, flexible, loft-mounted one. I alos really liked their ability to reject mains borne and other man-made noise. I actually bought the AOR LA380 but didn't have any success with it and was fortunate that AOR allowed me to return it.

    Anyway, I wish you success with your loop, whichever model you decide to go for, and will read your reviews of it with interest.

    PS Glad you are set up nicely for PSK.

    73 Adam