Wednesday 17 February 2010

The Bands they are a changing....

Working at home for part of the day today allowed me to have a quick daytime listen around the bands.
On 24mhz (17metres) today I was hearing OLIVIA (I think) and RTTY signals but no PSK31. I did however manage to work YO4RST on 21Mhz PSK.
Biggest surprise was 40metres when tuning round on SSB. Lots of strong signals from G, GI and GM. In fact the band sounded like it used to years ago when I was first licensed.
A couple of local stations around here managed to work into Venuzuela on 20 metres the other night around 2100 and I have been hearing Brazilian and Caribbean stations on 20 on a couple of occasions on my ground mounted Hygain AV12.
So all in all things are looking much more lively. I should really look into fitting HF equipment in the car, its something I have wanted to do for a while. Funds and time allowing I am hoping I will be operating HF mobile before the next sunspot peak at least!


  1. Hi Kevin, Indeed 40 meter was very crowded this morning. It sounded like the old days. 73 Paul

  2. Hello Kevin, very good idea about being mobile on HF. I am planning to stay at the QRL at lunch next few months. Thinking of bringing a radio with me and built a small antenna to be active in the lunch break. 73, Bas