Thursday 25 February 2010

Slightly Underwhelmed!!

I saw a CQ call on 20 metres PSK this evening from an unusual callsign- LZ10ARDF.
I went back to his CQ, hoping to find out a little about the station, thinking that perhaps it was a special event callsign. Sadly all I got was my callsign back with a 599 report and then he began to call CQ. Classic "contest style" operating- but for a special event why do this? It would have been nice to hear about the reason for the special call. With operating PSK it would have been easy to set up a short macro that would give the basic details.
Some years back when I lived in Cardiff I was a member of quite an active radio club and was involved in helping with a number of "special event" stations. We always tried to give our contacts some idea of what the special event was about, who was running it, where we were and so on. If this is not done, what is the point?
Anyway a search on the "QRZ" website revealed that the station was run by the "Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs-ARDF club" I guess they wanted to work as many stations as possible, but they didn't seem to be getting many takers and I left 20 metres slightly underwhelmed by this particular contact!

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