Sunday 7 February 2010

International radio

A recent post by Adam M6RDP got me thinking about the former  shortwave broadcasters who are now to to be found on the internet. I was already aware that Radio Netherlands, who still have a shortwave presence have over the years moved more towards web-based broadcasting. Others to be found on the web include Radio Romania, Radio Prague and Radio Sweden to name but a few. Of course sitting at the computer to listen to radio is a little restrictive so a wifi radio like the one pictured above is useful. It also gives the impression that you are listening to a "real" radio! As well as the former international broadcasters internet radio gives a choice of thousands of national and local stations from all over the world. The 'Reciva' WIFI radio I use offers over 18,000 stations most of which can be received in good quality stereo. Once set up to connect to your wieless network these sets are also easy to operate. Its quite amazing to be listening to a local FM station from say, Barbados, in excellent quality! Bearing this in mind its is not surprising that shortwave broadcasting in Europe at least is on the decline- it just cant compete with the ease and quality of the web based platform. As a lifelong SWL I think this is a pity- but I guess its progress.
In previous blogs I have mentioned the Award Schemes offered by The 'European PSK Club' and the '30 Metre Digital Group' both clubs offer software which automates the award applications, feeding from your computer logbook. Unfortunately over the last couple of days the 'Ultimate EPC' software has refused to work on my PC. Despite uninstalling and reinstalling I cannot gey anywhere. An attempt to install the software on the Windows XP based "Shack" computer met with the same lack of success. So for now at least, my EPC award activities are on hold. In the meantime I have received another award from the 30MDG for my 10 Mhz activities, a band which at the moment I use for most of my HF data work.
As far as the other HF bands are concerned I have noticed that 18mhz has been increasingly open, mainly to Europe but I have seen (but not yet worked on 18mhz psk) a few U.S Stations.Not much heard here on 15 or 10 metres yet so it seems we are still in the sunspot doldrums.


  1. I also have a couple of Reciva radios and think they are great, but I do get drop-outs and difficulty connecting due to the overloaded broadband network and QRM from neighbouring wi-fi routers so the "real radio" experience is complete. :)

    I do agree that something of the magic of hearing a broadcast from a distant place is lost when using the internet, but that's progress I'm afraid.

  2. Hallo Kevin, Just caught up with your latest blogs and interested to read about the Wellbrook Loop and its performance so far. I have to admit I have lost a lto of interest in SWLing a)since getting licensed and b) since getting a broadband connection. As mentioned by yourself and Julian it is sad, but a sign of progress and I for one would rather listen to RNW in stereo quality when I want it rather than be restricted to their SW schedule and the reception problems that go with it. I am even considering selling my AOR AR7030. Bye for now, Adam