Friday 26 February 2010

A new country

Monitoring 40metres PSK last night I saw 1B1AB, Soyer, calling CQ. I mentioned this station in My blog back in December, I had heard/seen him on PSK before but not managed to make a contact. Well I made the contact last night so that is North Cyprus in the log! 40 metres last night seemed particularly busy with several stations transmitting on top of one another. As I write this entry today I am on a day's leave from work (Car in garage being repaired) and I have the opportunity to monitor the bands in daytime. So Far 15 metres seems quiet but there is some activity on 17 metres and I have made a few European contacts.


  1. I have news for you. Either the contact counts as Cyprus, or it isn't valid at all. The "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" was established in 1983 after an invasion by Turkey which was deemed illegal. It is not recognized internationally and not by the ITU and does not count for DXCC status. The UN and the EU only recognize the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus over the entire island. Therefore the effect is as if you had worked a Cypriot pirate operator. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news.

  2. Poor sod. I am sure many people ignore his call just beacause of this.

  3. Hi Kevin, I worked him on 15 meter with PSK31. Though, it's not an official DXCC I am glad I worked Cyprus anyway. 15 meter opens up slowly. I hear every day nice call signs coming through. 73 Paul

  4. Hi Julian,Andre and Paul

    Yes I know it doesn't count for DXCC and I suppose it is all rather a sensitive issue.1B1AB has quite an extensive website which refers to the various issues.Its interesting to note that he has a listing on "QRZ" and has been accepted as a member of the European PSK Club.
    I have visited the Republic of Cyprus several times and crossed over to the north of Nicosia (Under TRNC control) a couple of times. I have read a little of recent Cypriot history too.I have also visited a number of Greek Islands and have always enjoyed the atmosphere and the Greek way of life. There are of course two sides of the story in Cyprus. For what its worth I worked 1B1AB with open eyes, I guess he is just an individual trying to enjoy his hobby. I believe he also hold/held a full UK amateur licence. However Julian I take your point and until the "Cyprus problem" is resolved 1B1AB and any others who wish to operate as radio amateurs in the North of Cyprus are in a difficult situation.