Saturday 20 February 2010

Radio Rally time again

Tomorrow I will be attending one of the few local radio rallies that are held these days. This one is at Neath, it should have been at a sports centre in nearby Port Talbot (The Afan Lido- pictured above) but sadly that venue was destroyed by fire earlier this year. The new venue was a last minute arrangement so it will be interesting to see what the new site will be like.
One I first became interested in Amateur Radio it seemed like there were radio rallies to attend almost every week. That's not the case today and those that are left are generally smaller events. Still it is nice to catch up with familiar faces and obtain those bits and pieces needed for the shack.Myself I am not intending to purchase much, but I do need a new logbook and some plugs and connectors.
The higher bands continue to prove interesting and most of my recent PSK activity has been either on 21 or 18 Mhz. I have heard a limited amount on 24Mhz, but as yet nothing on 10 metres. When I have had the opportunity to listen in the daytime I have also noticed that 40 metres seems very lively with stations from the UK and Europe boomimg in.


  1. Enjoy the rally at Neath tomorrow. Hope you find the few bits and bobs you're after and have a great time. 73 Adam

  2. Hello Kevin, conditions are slowly improving. And it is good to hear bands are opening slowly. It very promising for this summer. 73 Paul