Monday 3 May 2010

10 metre opening

Hearing a few (Italian and Spanish) stations on 10 metres this afternoon I thought I would try putting out a quick CQ call.
I was rewarded with a reply from IW1ABM, Mimmo in Turin.
So that is my first 10 metre contact of 2010, lets hope thee will be more to come. I did take a listen on 6 metres but nothing heard from this QTH.


  1. Hi Kevin,

    And who was it who said they dont hear anything on 10m..?

    Today 27 Mhz was very lively, I worked Holland and Germany today on 10m, also have a listen around 27315 FM and 27555 USB, if you hear stations then 10m is open, to Europe at least.

    73 Paul

  2. Hi Kevin, it was a nice opening yesterday. Unfortunately not for us in the Netherlands. But I keep watching for propagations. 73 Paul