Monday 24 May 2010

Phoentics and accents

Now as someone who has lived in Wales all my life I guess I have a Welsh accent! I don't notice it of course but I have no doubt its there. When operating on the HF bands I always try and use the correct phonetics for my callsign and rarely have a problem. Yesterday and today, taking advantage of the sporadic E I have been operating on 6 metres SSB. Strangely three different stations on 6 have read my Kilo India Golf suffix as Kilo Whiskey Echo, its a funny thing but for it to happen on three different contacts it makes me wonder. On the second call all three stations got my call correctly. How can "India Golf" sound like "Whiskey Echo" ? Or perhaps I need elocution lessons!


  1. Hi Kevin, That usually happens when someone mis-spots you on the DX cluster. The next thing is you get a whole crowd of people who get your callsign wrong. I have had it a couple of times on SOTA and once on the DX cluster, but I have heard it over and over with other stations.

    73 Steve GW7AAV

  2. Hi Steve

    You may be right. I hadn't considered the DX cluster!

    73 Kevin

  3. I started saying paPAH but didn't like it - Sounds very posh. Bit like forkstrot!!!!