Friday 21 May 2010

A new one on 10!

Had a quick tune around 10 metres this evening at around 1730GMT. Didn't hear anything on SSB but I did hear some signals on PSK and I managed to work OX1XC. Looking at my log I think this is my first PSK31 QSO on 10 metres!


  1. Hello Kevin, congrats with your first PSK31 qso on 10. PSK31 does a great job, and I think signals are better coming through then ssb. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Kevin, thats a nice one. Congrats ! 73, Bas

  3. Hello Kevin:
    Yes there were openings today on 10m, I have not used digimodes on ten yet, think I'll wait until things improve a bit - sigs still up and down - did hear cw on 6m today.(Does anyone use FM on 6m)?