Monday 31 May 2010

Kenwood R1000

The R1000 is a great receiver. I have had mine for years, its easy to use, stable and produces nice audio. It does have one drawback however- it is totally deaf on Medium Wave. Actually when I say Medium Wave I mean anything below 2 Mhz which of course includes tpband, Medium Wave, Longwave and the Navagational beacons. I did find a mod for this problem. It basically involves re-routing the feed from the MW antenna terminal on the receiver so that it bypasses the attenuation that normally switches in below 2mhz. Today I opened up the R1000 and had a try at the mod. It works! My R1000 is now far better below 2mhz, more sensitive than My R5000 which also has a deliberately deaf Medium wave stage!
Pictured is My R1000 with the top cover off. You can also see at the back the little board which provides a 12Khz output for DRM decoding.


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  2. Kev,

    Can you elaborate more on the R1000 MW sensitivity mod? I attempted this mod - running a wire directly from the MW spring clip to the metal pot housing on the S1-1 Attenuator, bypassing R 161-163. This actualy made sensitivity lower - I guess I did not understood the instructions I found on the internet?

  3. Gregory,

    I will look out the mod info I used and get back to you. Perhaps it was not the same as it certainly made mine a few S points better.


    1. I would likeire info on this mod also

    2. Hi Peter here . i would also like more info on your mod . .regards

  4. I have a Kenwood R-1000 and find that strong signals cause my front to heat up. I have heard that the signal on the meter should be keep in the green safe zone and not into the orange area by adjusting the atteunator switch. Is this correct or do i maybe have a problem with my reciever face heating up?

  5. Kevin,
    Thank you for your article about the Kenwood R-1000!
    I have an early set that I bought second hand 31 years ago. It still works as new and I love it. I´ve had countless lovely hours in front of it.

  6. Hi I have a Kenwood R 1000 , love it . . it developed power problems . i have since stripped the power board . .unfortunately I cant get most of the important parts . do you know of any second hand or new boards available I really want this radio to work again. Regards Peter ZS5 PX

  7. I am repairing a R-1000. VCO and PLL seems working, reception almost nothing. DC voltage seems correct per sch. How to I totally disable AGC? NB on/off DC level working but no effect. No RF sig gen. trying to get signal from a normal radio local oscillator with buffer amp to 50 ohms.

  8. Does anyone know how to connect a circuit from a signal strength meter to a light bulb to show signal is present while the volume is down ??

    zs5px Peter