Sunday 23 May 2010

If you can't stand the heat.......................

stay out of the shack!

A little to warm to sit in the shack today so operating time was limited. I did notice that 10mand 6 metres were open this afternoon.

I managed to work DO1SKJ on 10 and OE6BMG on 6.


  1. Another reason for taking the rig out of the shack and up on to a hilltop where there is a cool breeze. I have the same problem - my boxroom / shack quickly becomes an oven.

  2. Hello Kevin, Hope the antenna work went OK. I would really love a Wellbrook loop for medium wave marine dxing now!

    My shack gets too hot around 11am, but by 2pm it is cool again. Very lucky really as this is an old, big house and with a few windows open upstairs it's quite cool. Currently 24C but it wasn't that long ago when I remember seeing the shack temp at 11C - boy oh boy that was cold!

    73 and bye for now, Adam